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How to Protect Your Small Business

Stay Vigilant for Scams

Awareness is the best protection against phone and online scams targeting your information, assets and devices.

FBI Business Information

Learn more about FBI Business Resources

Despite the complexity of the current cyber threat environment, effective cyber security controls, along with education and awareness, will position your business in such a way as to reduce your exposure and negate many common threats.


Business Security Best Practices

Experts agree on the key first step: start with the basics. Factor security controls into the decision making in every department of the business – such as accounting, information technology, personnel and family members. Explore suggestions for working security best practices into your business, by exploring the articles below.


Cyber security for your small or medium sized business

Person holding cell phone

Educate your employees about the importance of good security practices.

Person looking at cell phone

Email security for your small to medium business.

small business security checklist

Important steps to protect your business against cyber crime.

Your guide to building an effective cyber security program.

Learn More About Security Center and Private Passport

Learn how Northern Trust protects you
Learn how to protect yourself with cybersecurity best practices
Learn more about Private Passport