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Elevating Women Magazine: Volume 4 | Issue 1

The Power of the Pivot

Think big, bet on yourself and help others do the same.

Letter from the Editor
Change is an unavoidable constant throughout life — pivoting is the tool that helps us lean into our turning points and discover the purpose behind them.

Successfully navigating life’s twists and turns isn’t always easy and often requires us to step outside our comfort zone and take risks. It might mean letting go of the way things used to be — or even a vision we had for our future — and staying open to new ideas and ways of doing things.


By embracing change and using it to ignite new possibilities — thinking big and betting on ourselves — we have an opportunity to forge a new and exhilarating path toward something that might just be even better than what we left behind.


I know this, because I have been there.


In this issue, I share a bit about my story and how one pivotal moment completely changed my life’s trajectory and helped me to step into my power and discover my purpose. We also feature an incredible female founder who harnessed the power of her pivot to lean into joy, get comfortable in the uncomfortable, and ultimately create a cupcake empire.


Key moments in our lives can create unique opportunities for us to change course and forge a path toward new and exciting possibilities. Whether you are in the midst of change or not, we hope this issue leaves you inspired to always think big, bet on yourself and help others do the same.


Because when we come together, the possibilities are limitless.

Keep Reading
Portrait of Steph Wagner
A Conversation with Candace Nelson

"Failing may mean you're doing things outside your expertise. And that's a good thing — it's the only way you're going to grow and evolve."

Learn how the founder of Sprinkles Cupcakes turned her quarter-life crisis into a cupcake empire, and is now inspiring others to lean into joy and bet on themselves.

Hear the Interview
Candace Nelson eating a cupcake
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Photo credit: Candace Nelson photo by Amy Neunsinger.