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Elevating Women Magazine: Volume 4 | Issue 2

The Superpower of Aging

Celebrate the beauty of a life well-lived.

Letter from the Editor
Today, we are living longer than ever and with economic influence like never before. In many ways, 50 is indeed the new 30 — or perhaps even better.

Because as women age, we accumulate a wealth of wisdom. The lessons learned and experiences gained from our life's journey become powerful tools to leverage for success in our next venture.


Yet, as a woman in her fifties with her own ambitious dreams and lofty goals, I understand first-hand the temptations to buy into outdated social norms — like the constant pressure to maintain a youthful appearance or the idea that as we age, our value and influence somehow diminish with each passing year. 


But here’s the truth: That’s all just a lie. 


In this issue, we spotlight two inspiring women who have harnessed the power of aging. From an iconic makeup mogul who is charting a new path in her sixties with a second-act venture, to a woman who is harnessing the power of wisdom to build the future of her dreams — this issue is proof that it’s never too late to pursue your passions. In fact, it might just be the best time ever. 


Instead of allowing aging to limit us, let us be empowered by it — recognizing the incredible advantages our life experiences give us as we embark on new journeys and fulfill new dreams. 


Together, let’s celebrate the beauty of a life well-lived and the superpower it brings.

Keep Reading
Portrait of Steph Wagner
A Conversation with Bobbi Brown

“I figure I’m in the teenage years of the second half of my life… I just want to have fun.”

Learn how makeup mogul Bobbi Brown, founder of Jones Road Beauty and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, distilled a lifetime of knowledge into an inspiring new venture.

Watch the Interview
Bobbi Brown sitting in a chair
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