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In the first of our Innovation in Action video series, Northern Trust's Head of Market Advocacy & Innovation Research, Justin Chapman, charts how the securities environment is changing and explores the significant opportunities that digitisation brings.



European-based asset owners expanding their exposure to alternative assets are utilizing numerous approaches to solve their challenges, including entering the realm of the investment manager. But what are the factors to consider?

Data and Digital

The world of big data can be daunting. However, you can better manage your information with the right people, processes and technology in place.

Fund Services

Asian managers accessing the European market must develop a sales and distribution strategy that helps distinguish them from the competition.

Fund Services

A defined strategy, performance track record, and regulation are just some of the consideration a firm must think about before selecting the right US distribution vehicles. Learn more about their nuances.


Meet Our Experts

Pete is an Executive Vice President and a member of Northern Trust’s Management Group in Chicago. Pete currently serves as the President of Northern Trust Asset Servicing.

Justin Chapman leads the Market Advocacy & Innovation Research organization within Enterprise Enablement (E2).

Melanie joined Northern Trust in January 2017, charged with creating a new line of business within asset servicing centered on meeting the operational and technology needs of complex asset allocators across the globe.

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