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Top Asset Servicing Insights

How Industry Forces Will Give Way to a New Level of Maturity for Alternative Assets.

The Accelerated Adoption of Front Office Outsourcing.


More Top Asset Servicing Insights

Securities finance experts discuss Asia Pacific's trending topics including the opening of China, a post-COVID recovery, short selling bans and ESG.

How does an asset manager know which outsourced trading model is best for them? Start by considering your ideal future state.

Insights into why a parallel fund structure may offer a way for non-European Union (EU) based managers to access EU alternative investment fund investors and key operational factors to consider.


Data & Digital

Northern Trust and SAP introduce a new partnership for our Insurance Investment Accounting and Analytics Services.

Insurers are not homogeneous in their asset management strategies and need advanced data solutions for complex investing.


More Data & Digital Insights

Perhaps now is the time to consider how to streamline and automate reporting, reducing the number of outdated or redundant reports.

In this research paper, we have partnered with independent financial insights business, Boring Money, to explore the changing face of the ‘direct-to-consumer’ for asset managers to distribute their funds in the United Kingdom.

Our Investment Risk & Analytical Services (IRAS) Digest is published on a quarterly basis, bringing you updates and insights from the world of investment analytics.


Driving Operational Alpha ®

Investment data science enables asset managers and allocators to better understand why investment decisions are good or not so good – and to improve future decision making in the process.

Managing an increasing quantity of data, coupled with expectations of real-time, impactful analysis can present a challenge to institutional investors. In this video, we explore the role of digital technologies in dealing with more data, more quickly whilst minimising risk and errors.


More Driving Operational Alpha ® Insights

What started as a cost-efficiency endeavor has now become a primary method of enhancing governance required by regulators.

As asset managers and asset owners grapple with multiple industry challenges, a growing number are considering entrusting their currency management to a third party. But what factors should they consider when delegating this key function?

Investment offices need solutions to keep up with growing data complexities and increasing transparency requirements.


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Pete is an Executive Vice President and a member of Northern Trust’s Management Group in Chicago. Pete currently serves as the President of Northern Trust Asset Servicing.

Melanie joined Northern Trust in January 2017, charged with creating a new line of business within asset servicing centered on meeting the operational and technology needs of complex asset allocators across the globe.

Global Executive, Securities Services - Global Head of Market Advocacy & Innovation Research


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