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Top Asset Servicing Insights

As margin pressures grow across the industry, investment managers around the world are rethinking their operating models to support growth, adapt to change and position themselves for the future.

Our President, Pete Cherecwich, reflects on lessons learned from 2019 and trends to come as we head into 2020.


More Top Asset Servicing Insights

Perspectives from our experts on how asset managers can drive efficiencies and position their investment operations for the future.

As the investment insourcing trend develops, asset owners are increasingly outsourcing non-core functions to focus on the activities that add the most value.

Asset managers are facing pressure from competition, fee compression, regulatory and compliance challenges, technology costs and a shift in product demand.


Data & Digital

The value of drawing on diverse datasets is increasingly clear but it can be challenging to efficiently turn information into actionable insights. In this video, we explore how emerging technologies are enhancing data analysis and generating new business value for institutional investors.

New marketplaces, infrastructures and asset classes are emerging across the securities industry and in multiple regions. In this video, we explore how they offer a huge opportunity but need to be navigated responsibly to manage uncertainty, regulatory complexity and the pace of change.


More Data & Digital Insights

Whether through more efficient trades with less friction, or creating an auditable digital register where none existed, technology is filling the value gaps in the investment world. In this article, Justin Chapman - Global Head of Market Advocacy & Innovation Research - explores the emerging opportunities.

Northern Trust Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enable you to access data to support your various business needs. APIs provide automation and integration for better data delivery. Whether you need bulk datasets, intra-day updates, or data for your custom reporting tools, APIs can help.

In this video, I’ve outlined some of the ways to achieve optimal IT and business alignment and effectively drive a closer partnership between your IT and Business groups.


Driving Operational Alpha ®

Managing an increasing quantity of data, coupled with expectations of real-time, impactful analysis can present a challenge to institutional investors. In this video, we explore the role of digital technologies in dealing with more data, more quickly whilst minimising risk and errors.

Experts Dan Houlihan and Mark Austin discuss the changing asset owner investment model and considerations for managing assets in-house.


More Driving Operational Alpha ® Insights

As profit margin pressure exerts itself on asset managers "the time for tinkering around on the edge of costs is over," says one expert.

Investment offices need solutions to keep up with growing data complexities and increasing transparency requirements.


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Our Asset Servicing Experts

Pete is an Executive Vice President and a member of Northern Trust’s Management Group in Chicago. Pete currently serves as the President of Northern Trust Asset Servicing.

Melanie joined Northern Trust in January 2017, charged with creating a new line of business within asset servicing centered on meeting the operational and technology needs of complex asset allocators across the globe.

Mike Vardas is the Global Head of Northern Trust Capital Markets, which provides trading and execution services on behalf of institutional clients, including securities lending, brokerage and transition management services.


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