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About the Northern Trust Institute

You make financial decisions throughout your lifetime, and trusting the advice you receive can be difficult amid the unprecedented amount of information that exists today. You may question whether recommended strategies are fully informed, relevant to your unique situation and worthy of pursuing.

The Northern Trust Institute is dedicated to helping you confidently move forward with advice that is grounded in real-world outcomes and backed by proven credibility. To deliver on this mission, more than 175 experts collaborate to analyze behavioral patterns and identify the strategies that have been most effective for our clients. The resulting insights are curated around important points in your life, positioning you to take action and achieve optimal outcomes with your wealth.

Our Leadership

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Pam Lucina

President of The Northern Trust Institute, Chief Fiduciary Officer and Trust & Advisory Practice Executive

Navigate to Hugh Magill

Hugh Magill

Chair of The Northern Trust Institute, Vice Chairman of Wealth Management

Navigate to Katie Nixon, CFA, CPWA®, CIMA®

Katie Nixon, CFA, CPWA®, CIMA®

Chief Investment Officer, Northern Trust Wealth Management

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Glenda Pedroso

National Practice Executive, Banking

Navigate to Paul Lee

Paul Lee

Chief Tax Strategist

Navigate to Gaobo Pang, Ph.D., CFA

Gaobo Pang, Ph.D., CFA

Director of Analytics

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Marguerite Griffin

Director of Philanthropic Advisory Services

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Eric Czephya

Director of Business Services

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Devin Blackburn

Director of Executive Services

Navigate to Amy Szostak

Amy Szostak

Director of Family Governance and Education

Navigate to Steph Wagner

Steph Wagner

Director of Women & Wealth

Our Faculty

Cynthia Van Osdol

Senior Portfolio Manager

Daniel Lindley

Fiduciary Practice Executive, Global Family Office

David Diamond

President of The Northern Trust Company of Delaware