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The Northern Trust Institute

Insights for the Modern Executive

Executives face unique planning needs at each stage of their careers. Make the most of each stage with expert advice.

The Executive Journey

From building your team to navigating concentration, developing a plan for the executive journey demands expertise and comprehensive planning.

Step 01

Build Your Wealth

To create a strong foundation for your wealth plan, you need the right team and a nuanced understanding of the opportunities and complexities you are likely to encounter.

Step 11

Navigate Concentration

Executive compensation packages present potential for significant wealth accumulation, but come with a unique set of challenges. Build your plan to maximize prosperity and security.

Step 21

Prepare for Transitions

With change comes choices. Work toward securing the well-being of those closest to you and supporting the causes you care about with tailored advice.

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Family Offices


Northern Trust works with high-net-worth individuals and families to optimize the impact of their wealth and legacy. Request a meeting to discuss how we can work together.


The Northern Trust Institute is a collaboration of more than 175 experts who harness insights from real-world client outcomes and equip our clients with advice that is tested, meaningful and timely.

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