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Fulfill your goals for both sides of the picture

Family Education and Governance Advisory

Bringing your family together in conversation to create a shared vision of wealth.

    Innovative solutions to achieve more for your family and business

    Building and running a successful business doesn’t leave much time to focus on every new challenge. That’s where Northern Trust comes in. By integrating your business objectives with goals you have for you and your family, we can help you craft business succession and estate plans so you can focus on managing your business.

    Business Ownership and Personal Wealth are Intertwined

    Designing a plan for your company's future requires specialized expertise. And the best solution balances both sides of the picture - your family and your business.

    Video: Balancing the Needs of a Family Business (2:11)

    Comprehensive Advice for All Aspects of Your Business

    Business Advisory Services
    Optimize the value of your business through holistic planning in advance of a partial liquidity event, generational transition or sale. 

    Corporate Trustee Services
    Strategically manage the complexities and family dynamics associated with business ownership.

    Banking Services
    Successfully seize business opportunities through our innovative liquidity, financing and e-commerce solutions. 


    Insights for Business Owners

    Financial planning is complex when your business is the primary source of your wealth. Explore strategies that recognize your unique challenges.

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