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Wealth Management

Trust and Estate Services

Ensuring that what serves your needs today continues to benefit your family and legacy for decades to come.

Drawing from more than 130 years of experience advising generations of families, our team of trust and estate experts knows what it takes to ensure your intentions are fully realized.

Navigating Complexity

As your wealth grows, so too does the complexity of your trust and estate plan

Complex Responsibilities

Trustees and other fiduciaries must navigate complex legal and tax rules, administrative duties, and at times emotional decisions.

Complex Goals

Without a well-constructed plan, there is no safeguard to ensure your wealth is transferred in a way that will support and protect your loved ones.

Complex Assets

Your most valuable investments are often the most complex, time-consuming, and require specialized expertise to manage effectively.


Working with you and your advisors, our experts can help you navigate complexity in your wealth transfer plan to ensure your intentions are fully realized.


Professional Trustee Services

Managing your trust assets with knowledgeable and independent oversight

Estate Settlement Services

Advising with skillful guidance and expert solutions for estate settlement and wealth transfer

Guardianship Services

Protect your minor or disabled loved ones’ financial future through personalized investment, tax and real estate solutions

Family Business Services

Serving as trustee or executor to manage private business interests for our clients and consult on a range of business issues, from corporate governance to succession planning

Oil, Gas and Mineral Rights Management Services

Helping you optimize and manage the complexities of your investment in oil, gas and mineral rights assets

Real Estate and Agricultural Services

Serving as trustee or executor to manage your residential, commercial and agricultural real estate holdings

Specialized Trust Services

Sharing tax-efficient and flexible trust solutions available in Nevada and Delaware

Unique Assets Bring Unique Challenges

Whether it be real estate, family businesses, or natural resources, effectively managing your unique wealth-generating assets requires specialized expertise and dedicated support. Our team of professionals — including certified property managers, licensed architects, landmen, petroleum engineers and accredited farm managers — have first-hand experience to provide strategic advice and hands on oversight of specialty assets held in trust.

Three people in hardhats at a construction site.

Why Northern Trust

We’re your trusted partner for a lifetime of change


More than 130 years of experience advising wealth families

fiduciary clients

Trustee for more than 100,000 fiduciary clients

businesses and assets

Family businesses, real estate, agriculture and oil and gas assets managed by our specialized team


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Preserve and Protect Your Wealth and Legacy

Our broad and deep fiduciary expertise can help provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind that your wealth will be preserved and protected.