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Predictable and unpredictable factors that will shape your wealth plan in 2020.

Five key takeaways for investors.


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Steps to take at each stage of the journey.

Behavioral biases and low cost bases cause many investors to maintain exposure to concentrated stock positions. But investors holding such concentrations may be underestimating the idiosyncratic risk of individual stocks and overvaluing the benefit of avoiding the capital gains tax.

Ten questions and answers to help non-U.S. investors understand the U.S. tax system.


Wealth Planning

Methods for preparing for some of the most common concerns associated with inbound wealth, outbound wealth and cross-border marriages.

Family business transitions are often difficult, but these are steps families can take to help increase the chance of success.


Methods for preparing for some of the most common concerns associated with inbound wealth, outbound wealth and cross-border marriages.

The allure of a foreign vacation home is simple. The surrounding wealth planning issues often are not.


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Identify where/how art fits into your approach to wealth management.

There is an array of non-financial and financial decisions to be made in order to maximize the full potential of giving.

Irrevocable trusts could leave the trustee unable to cope with changing circumstances or investment challenges.


The program can be confusing, but some baseline knowledge can go a long way.

High valuations do not change the vital role that private equity can play in your portfolio.

Threats are mounting, but effective controls and regular education can reduce risks significantly.



Take full advantage of diversification by understanding where to find truly unique sources of return.

It pays to be aware of our blind spots.



What questions should you be asking to develop a goals-driven investment strategy?

Protect your portfolio against unexpected inflation.

Consider building a portfolio reserve to avoid making short-term decisions that could jeopardize long-term goals.


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