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Investors sit in the uncomfortable middle – between progress and a long road to recovery. Learn what to expect and how to position during this stage.

Stay up-to-date on recent market developments, the global economy and fiscal policy with Northern Trust Wealth Management Chief Investment Officer Katie Nixon.

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Reassess giving strategies to make an immediate and tax-efficient impact.

There are sanitation benefits to not handling cash and, in light of COVID-19, some merchants are encouraging customers to use cashless methods.

How COVID-19 impacts private business transactions and what you can do to prepare.


Wealth Planning

Seize opportunities to improve your wealth plan during this market downturn.

Predictable and unpredictable factors that will shape your wealth plan in 2020.


Methods for preparing for some of the most common concerns associated with inbound wealth, outbound wealth and cross-border marriages.

Landlords have found themselves in uncharted territory but are finding ways to proactively prepare and respond.


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Take steps to avoid common high net worth pitfalls.

Research reveals executives' financial decision making process.

Irrevocable trusts could leave the trustee unable to cope with changing circumstances or investment challenges.


The program can be confusing, but some baseline knowledge can go a long way.

High valuations do not change the vital role that private equity can play in your portfolio.

Threats are mounting, but effective controls and regular education can reduce risks significantly.



Investor patience and coordinated policy actions are needed during this phase of the crisis.

It pays to be aware of our blind spots.



What questions should you be asking to develop a goals-driven investment strategy?

Protect your portfolio against unexpected inflation.

Consider building a portfolio reserve to avoid making short-term decisions that could jeopardize long-term goals.


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Our Wealth Experts

Katie leads the national investment management practice for Northern Trust’s Wealth Management business from the firm’s Chicago headquarters.

Peter is responsible for the application of leading research to the wealth management investment process.

Suzanne L. Shier is the Wealth Planning Practice Executive and Chief Tax Strategist/Tax Counsel for Wealth Management at Northern Trust and serves on the Wealth Management Operating Group.

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