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Wealth Management

Financial Education for Families

Successful wealth management requires a fundamental understanding of personal finance, investing and estate planning.

At a Glance

Our Essentials Curriculum is designed to educate and empower learners of all ages to efficiently manage their resources now and in the future.

You made things very understandable and helped my daughter see things she should be thinking about now and in the future. She was very comfortable with you and said she felt more confident as a result of realizing she can comprehend (the dreaded) financial information.

Northern Trust Client

Since 2018

Kids and Money

Director of Family Education & Governance Amy Szostak and Director of Women & Wealth Steph Wagner discuss how parents can prepare their children to effectively manage wealth in the future through modeling behavior, leveraging teachable moments and financial education.

Kids and Money

3 min

How Our Essentials Program Works


Private, in person or virtual sessions

Learn in a low-pressure environment and ask questions without reservation.

Customized Curriculum

Personalized learning experiences are tailored to your family’s unique learning objectives and needs.

Practical Life Skills

Gain valuable financial knowledge through real life examples and useful take aways

Multigenerational Learning

Empowers learners of all ages on the basics of personal finance. Recommended for ages 16-96.

Essentials Curriculum

Explore our curriculum of Essentials courses to build a financial education plan that addresses knowledge gaps and prepares your family to effectively manage wealth.

Personal Finance Courses

Money and Meaning

Explore how “money messages” impact financial decisions and facilitate a healthy dialogue around wealth.

Basic Financial Concepts

Understand the time value of money, interest rates, inflation and the power of compounding.

Spending and Saving

Develop a plan for spending and saving that aligns with your values and goals.


Learn why credit is important, how to use credit cards responsibly and how to build credit.

Retirement 101

Understand the importance of saving for retirement, the differences between retirement accounts and common mistakes.

Behavioral Finance

Learn how emotions impact financial behavior and how to avoid common behavioral biases

Information Security and Identity Protection

Explore strategies to protect against cyber risks and responsibly manage your social media presence.


Learn why credit is important, how to use credit cards responsibly and how to build credit.

Investing Courses

Investing 101

Understand the basics of investing, including the relationship between risk and return, volatility, asset classes and the importance of diversification.

Investing 201

Dive deeper into asset class performance, the importance of a long-term outlook and common investor mistakes.

Estate Planning Courses

Estate Planning Basics

Understand considerations around your will, trusts and powers of attorney to help you create your estate plan.

Understanding Trusts

Learn trust fundamentals, such as the roles and responsibilities of grantors, trustees and beneficiaries.

Transfer Taxes

Better understand how gift, estate and generation-skipping taxes work in practice.

Why Northern Trust

The Right Expertise, When You Need It

Specialty Areas

Your dedicated team across banking, trust & estates, wealth planning and investing is also backed by a deep bench of experts across 40+ specialty areas.

Best Private Bank

Our longstanding commitment to service excellence is exemplified through consistent recognition by the Financial Times Group as the Best Private Bank 12 of the last 15 years.


We have advised generations of wealthy families, for generations. There is no wealth management challenge we have not seen and solved for time and time again.

The Northern Trust Institute

Money Masterclass

Make informed decisions by building your knowledge on financial concepts and principles.

Our Leadership

Stay Connected

Develop Essential Financial Skills

Let us design a custom financial education program for your family.