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Nonprofit Investment Management

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It would be a privilege to put our resources and expertise to work for your organization.

RFP Resources

Refer to our Sample RFP Questions and White Paper by Michelle Hong, "Managing the Search for an Investment Provider" for guidance.

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      Efficiently and effectively investing your organization's assets can be a daunting undertaking. Foundation & Institutional Advisors, our dedicated practice for nonprofits and tax-exempt entities, can be your strategic partner.

      Our Approach

      While each client’s investment circumstances are unique, we follow a systematic and disciplined investment process, providing expertise in the areas of program design, asset allocation, manager selection, ongoing oversight and reporting.

      We also help boards and investment committees examine their investment programs with fiduciary mindsets and in a manner that furthers the missions of their organizations.

      Each relationship is led by a dedicated portfolio manager and supported by a team of specialists, enabling you to manage the strategic elements of your investment program while we handle the day-to-day details.

      Achieve Your Organization’s Investment Goals

      We create investment strategies with the singular mission of helping your organization achieve its objectives with a high degree of confidence.

      Using our carefully developed capital market assumptions, we  use a multi-asset class, multi-manager approach that considers all sources of return and provides robust diversification, maximization of return per unit of risk, and customization to each client’s unique circumstances.

      Tactical asset allocation positioning and a discerning manager selection process provide additional value by identifying opportunities to enhance risk-adjusted returns.

      Engineered and passive strategies help to access factor-based and market sources of return with cost efficiencies.

      Together, these steps result in investment strategies that are risk aware and cost effective while still providing the ability to generate excess returns. 

      Areas of Expertise

      Equity and Fixed Income
      Equity and fixed income strategies across a broad base of asset and sub-asset classes to deliver customized investment programs

      Cash & Liquidity Management
      Strategies to manage short-term cash and liquidity needs

      Alternative Investments
      Investment solutions that complement traditional asset investments, including hedge funds, private equity, private credit and private real estate

      Sustainable Investing
      Our capabilities encompass a wide spectrum of sustainable investing strategies, from exclusionary to integration

      Social Impact Investing
      Through our own community impact investments, advise on a full spectrum of impact investment options, including debt investments, social impact bonds and direct community development investments, among others

      Special Asset Management
      Expertise for managing nonfinancial assets such as oil, gas and mineral rights, real estate, art and others


      Our Senior Investment Team

      John is the Chief Investment Officer for the Foundation & Institutional Advisors practice.

      Shannon Morton, CFA

      Shannon Morton is a Senior Vice President and Senior Investment Officer for the West Region of Northern Trust’s Foundation & Institutional Advisors practice.

      John Massey

      John is a Senior Vice President and Senior Institutional Investment Advisor for the East Region of Northern Trust’s Foundation & Institutional Advisors practice.

      Ron Klotter, CFA

      Ron is a Senior Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager in the Central Region of Northern Trust’s Foundation & Institutional Advisors practice.

      Learn More About Our Services for Nonprofits

      Discover more about how we can help you manage your nonprofit.


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