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Nonprofit Investment Management

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Achieve your organization’s investment goals

Efficiently and effectively investing your organization's assets can be a daunting undertaking. By either serving as an investment advisor or outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO), Foundation & Institutional Advisors (FIA) will work with you to develop an investment program tailored to your organization's unique needs. 


Northern Trust's Foundation & Institutional Advisors can develop an investment program that matches your spending policy, annual draw and risk/return profile. The peace of mind you'll get means you can fully devote your time and energy to what is most important – achieving your organization’s mission.

  • Investment strategy
    Access to compelling investment strategies from well-respected firms worldwide.
  • Investment program design
    Our multi-asset class, multi-manager approach develops an optimized portfolio designed to achieve your risk and return investment objectives as well as your spending needs and return expectations with a low level of risk.
  • Program implementation
    Put the optimal combination of managers to work (active, passive and/or mix) in constructing each asset class with a mix of risk and risk control.
  • Monitoring and continuous evaluation
    You’ll receive regular reviews of performance versus benchmarks. We’ll bring you new ideas and rebalance periodically. We provide a spectrum of highly customized services and reports to meet your accounting requirements including


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Provide a clear road map for managing your organization’s investments and spending over time. A carefully crafted investment policy statement can help you define your investment philosophy and process.

Cash Balance Retirement plans are of greatest appeal to companies with predictable cash flows and their workers, especially those with high incomes whose savings goals may not be met with traditional 401K plans.


Darius A. Gill, CFA

Darius A. Gill, CFA

National Practice Executive
Darius is the National Practice Leader for our Foundation & Institutional Advisors practice.


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