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    Top Insights

    This piece examines three approaches to adapting an organization’s spending policy in times of crisis, and reviews the key considerations for each.

    By creating a windfall policy, nonprofits can establish a longer-term vision for large and unexpected gifts rather than react to only the immediate needs of the nonprofit.



    Watch this case study on how we helped navigate a challenge in an investment portfolio


    This piece highlights the potential drawbacks of using multiple providers for outsourced investment management services.

    Most tax exempt organizations do not want gain or loss recognition to effect the management of their assets. However, some institutions may need to consider a strategy that can allow staff to control gains and losses on a custom basis.

    Provide a clear road map for managing your organization’s investments and spending over time. A carefully crafted investment policy statement can help you define your investment philosophy and process.

    Cash Balance Retirement plans are of greatest appeal to companies with predictable cash flows and their workers, especially those with high incomes whose savings goals may not be met with traditional 401K plans.

    While the goal to minimize expenses is important, decisions made solely on the basis of cost may actually create additional challenges for the organization as a whole.


    Charitable Advisory Insights

    Our experts provide advice for nonprofit leaders in the midst of crisis, including communication with staff and stakeholders, effective leadership, confident decision-making skills, and fiduciary responsibility.

    Well-run nonprofits have directors who hold the organization’s mission in high regard, who understand and faithfully execute their duties and make strategic decisions supporting the organization’s well-being.

    As a nonprofit director, learn how you can go above and beyond to enhance your organization’s financial sustainability.

    If you sit on a nonprofit’s board and investment committee, consider how to help ensure the organization’s assets optimally support its mission.

    Effective nonprofit leaders advance their organization’s mission and contribute to its success and financial viability.


    Planned Giving Insights

    The specialized nature of mineral interests requires internal and external expertise to manage these unique assets.

    Effective fundraising is critical to furthering a nonprofit organization's mission. But not every gift offered should be accepted.

    A donor's long-term objectives to support a nonprofit might be better accomplished in structuring a deferred gift.

    Incorporate these key elements into a cohesive and cooperative process, regardless of your organization’s size.

    Know how gifts are transferred and valued before accepting a charitable contribution.

    Learn about the different gift planning vehicles – the advantages and considerations of each.

    Make sure you have a dynamic policy in place that manages donors’ expectations and prevents misunderstandings as strongly as it reinforces your mission.

    For some donors, these alternatives to outright cash gifts can flexibly fulfill their charitable intents as well as personal financial goals. Knowing how can help you advise and guide them.

    Prior to your next fundraising, planned giving or endowment building program, make sure you have a dynamic gift acceptance policy in place.


    Social Impact Advisory Services Insights

    To identify community needs and service gaps or learn about existing resources and potential partnerships, community leaders often turn to a community scan.

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