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| October 3, 2017

  • The Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax still continues to vex practitioners some forty plus years following its introduction into the tax code.
  • Though the maximum rate applied to GST transfers is high, a high rate doesn’t necessarily mean high complexity.
  • This article dispels 13 false assumptions about the GST tax.

Bad rap. Crazy talk. Urban myth. That is how our expert would classify most of the things said about Subtitle B, Chapter 13 of the Internal Revenue Code, also known as the Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax.  While many think the GST Tax is too complicated, we have a different opinion.  In this quarter’s Wealth Advisor Insights, our expert will help you get to know the GST tax a little better by making you comfortable with some of its key provisions. To achieve this, he has identified thirteen false assumptions made about the GST tax. After setting the record straight, we are confident you will have better luck understanding Chapter 13.

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Lucky Number 13: The GST Tax and Righting 13 Wrongs