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Coronavirus Insights

Discover our latest insights on how the coronavirus is influencing market and investment trends

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Here's what investors should expect in the bond and equity markets, as a U-shaped market recovery becomes increasingly possible.

Learn our views on inflation, cash allocations, high yield bonds and more.


Wealth Management

Read the key provisions of the CARES Act and understand how they will impact your wealth plan.

How COVID-19 impacts private business transactions and what you can do to prepare.


More Wealth Management Insights

Extra caution is needed as uncertainty, remote work and COVID-19 scams compromise the security of your personal information.

Wealth Management CIO Katie Nixon puts this week’s economic data and oil price fluctuations in perspective.

Seize opportunities to improve your wealth plan during this market downturn.


Investment Management

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic is felt everywhere. In response, policymakers across the globe have stepped up and thrown almost everything they’ve got at this unique challenge. But how is it all shaping up?

The outlook for investors has improved after central banks and governments have gone all-out to fight illiquidity and economic dysfunction.


More Investment Management Insights

We think that investors can rely on the long-term fundamental strength in the municipal market to remain intact.

Central banks and governments are going all-out to fight illiquidity and economic dysfunction.

Our bond expert answers investors’ most pressing questions in this challenging market.


Economic Trends & Insights

Decisive measures taken today should help to keep the crisis from causing prolonged damage.


More Economic Trends & Insights

Our Chief Economist, Carl R. Tannenbaum, discusses why the Coronavirus has been so disruptive to the economy, what indicators will be most valuable in the weeks ahead, and if the economy will get back to normal once people resume their normal routines.


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Discover the latest economic and financial insights from our top experts.



Our Experts

Katie leads the national investment management practice for Northern Trust’s Wealth Management business from the firm’s Chicago headquarters.

Jim McDonald is an executive vice president and the chief investment strategist for Northern Trust. He is responsible for overseeing the strategic and tactical asset allocation policy for our institutional and wealth management clients globally.

Carl Tannenbaum is the Chief Economist for Northern Trust. In this role, he briefs clients and colleagues on the economy and business conditions, prepares the bank's official economic outlook and participates in forecast surveys. He is a member of Northern Trust's investment policy committee, its capital committee, and its asset/liability management committee.


More Coronavirus Insights

There are sanitation benefits to not handling cash and, in light of COVID-19, some merchants are encouraging customers to use cashless methods.

We think the impending economic and earnings decline will be followed by a rebound — and that is what investors will eventually focus on.

An analysis of bear markets and what happened afterwards.

It is more important than ever for institutional investors to re-evaluate risk positioning.

Listen to Securities Lending experts discuss the volatility in the marketplace.

As investors evaluated the economic impacts from the coronavirus and the oil price war, equity and fixed income markets faced steep declines.

We continue to live amid uncertainty driven by the global COVID-19 outbreak, and investors remain challenged as global financial markets attempt to price both the current and ultimate economic impact of its spread.

The rapid decline in equity and fixed income markets over the last month has been of record pace. How are we assessing the outlook from here? Chief Investment Strategist Jim McDonald explains.

Volatility has returned with the spread of the coronavirus. Head of Quantitative Strategies Michael Hunstad, Ph.D., explains how some strategies may help investors outperform amid the turbulence.

Investor patience and coordinated policy actions are needed during this phase of the crisis.

We downgraded our growth outlook for the U.S. economy, though we still remain moderately overweight to risk with a bias toward U.S. equities and high yield bonds.

Investors face a new risk management challenge with the coronavirus. Past epidemics may shed some light on what could happen next.

Equity markets have corrected this month as the Coronavirus has spread well beyond mainland China. What does this mean for investors? Chief Investment Strategist Jim McDonald explains.

Listen to Northern Trust experts’ discussion on how coronavirus is impacting the markets and investors.

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