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Who We Serve
We embed our tech-driven, solutions oriented, collaborative culture into everything we do, and the result is operating leverage for our clients with a boutique touch.


Value For You

Immerse into a wide range of hedge fund service capabilities supported by seamless execution, expertise and service-orientation.

While originally designed for alternative managers, we have both the talent and technology to offer market-leading solutions that can support any institutional investment operation. Our clients include:



Focus on What Matters


Simplify complexity

Achieve operating leverage and focus on higher value work.

• We collaborate with our clients to design new technology solutions that create operating leverage in workflows across a variety of asset classes, structures and trading strategies ranging from private equity, OTC derivatives, structured fixed income, bank debt, digital assets and private securities.



Control What Matters


Single Source of TruthImprove control and scale.

• Where other providers have different systems for IBOR and ABOR and internal reconciliations, we have created a truly golden copy as our Single Source of Truth book of record.
• Our subject matter experts have active voices in the industry, staying on top of trends and regulatory reporting needs to help reduce operational risk for our clients. 


Investor Relations

Differentiate the Investor Experience

The Investor Experience –

Access an enhanced investor experience.

• Empowered by our partnership with InvestCloud, our next-generation investor portal provides alts managers and their investors enriched investment data analysis capabilities including, dashboard drill downs and customized data views.
• Our client-centric focus and dedicated hedge fund teams allow for transparent and high-touch handling of relationships, information and communication. 


Portfolio Manager

Measure What Matters & Discover New Insights

Measure What Matters – Turn information into insights.


• Our team of risk subject matter experts and forward-thinking data engineers help turn information into insights that enable you to discover new pathways and insights on portfolio construction and risk management.

Get In Touch With Us

Discover how we can help address your traditional and digital assets market needs.

As institutional investors embrace crypto investing, crypto hedge funds need partners to help them service the strategy.

Technology can now provide institutional investors with the sophisticated and secure experience they have come to expect.

Whether managers are working with ESG-focused investors or launching their own ESG products, they should consider the challenges to their front-, middle- and back-office operations.

Northern Trust's Whole Office Partner

Hedge Fund Solutions