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Philanthropic Advisory Services

The Northern Trust Institute
Explore wealth strategies that are informed by research, grounded in real-world outcomes and tailored to you.
    Achieve your charitable giving goals with a Northern Trust Donor Advised Fund.

    Support the causes you care deeply about

    Make a lasting impact on your community and for future generations with your wealth. Northern Trust’s team of philanthropy advisors can guide your charitable giving and social impact investment options. We’ll help you craft a strategic, long-term plan that reflects your goals so you can support the causes you are passionate about and leave a legacy that endures.

    Our team can help you by:


    Build an enduring legacy with intentional philanthropic planning.

    Including younger family members in your philanthropic activities allows you to pass on values, share experiences and establish traditions. Find best practices for communicating with younger family members to help spark their charitable interests and some emerging giving strategies that have grown in popularity in recent years.

    Marguerite H. Griffin

    Marguerite H. Griffin

    Director, Philanthropic Advisory Services
    Marguerite H. Griffin is a Senior Vice President at Northern Trust. As Director of Philanthropic Advisory Services, Marguerite is responsible for developing and delivering Northern Trust's philanthropic advisory services to Wealth Management clients.

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