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Tax and Wealth Transfer Advisory Services

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The Northern Trust Institute

Explore wealth strategies that are informed by research, grounded in real-world outcomes and tailored to you.

    Optimize your wealth to provide for those who matter the most

    Wealth Planning That Goes Beyond Taxes

    From the early stages of building wealth to transferring wealth to future generations, we help develop strategies that reflect your family’s dynamics and priorities. Our experts stay abreast of the changing tax landscape and provide timely analysis to help you take advantage of opportunities.

    • Managing tax liability
      Our tax and wealth planning experts help you build flexible, efficient, long-term plans with strategies to help manage your overall tax liability and provide analysis of new rules and regulations.
    • Addressing your specific assets
      When and what you give to your beneficiaries, and how you give it, can have a large impact on your wealth plan. Whether you are passing along your family business or your art collection, we can help you structure your plan to maximize the benefits.
    • Achieving your lifelong goals
      We use an outcomes-based approach to help you decide which opportunities will best meet your objectives, today and for generations to come.

    Navigating Possible Tax Policy Changes

    Explore the most likely changes impacting your wealth plan and the corresponding strategies you can consider before year-end.



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