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Professional Advisors

Coordinated advice can help your clients achieve their goals. Explore ways to partner with us.

    Fulfilling Your Intentions

    Learn how to choose the right fiduciary option for your wealth plan.
    Pamela Lucina

    Pamela Lucina

    Chief Fiduciary Officer, Trust & Advisory Practice Leader
    Pamela Lucina is the Chief Fiduciary Officer for Northern Trust and leads its Trust & Advisory Practice.
    Stacy E. Singer

    Stacy E. Singer

    Practice Leader, Trust Services
    Stacy E. Singer is the National Practice Leader for Trust and Wealth Advisory Services.

    Modern trust and estate expertise to ensure your intentions are fully realized

    Managing trusts and estates can be complex and lead to family conflict. Trustees and other fiduciaries must navigate complex legal and tax rules, administrative duties, and at times emotional decisions. Our experts can help alleviate these challenges with objective expertise in a variety of fiduciary roles.


    Selecting the right estate planning attorney is important. Not all estate plans are created equally, and an inferior plan can lead to unfulfilled intentions, strained relationships and wasted time. Answers to these questions can help you find good candidates.

    Modern families increasingly have unique needs that challenge traditional models for estate planning and trust management. Learn how to work with your advisors to create a new model to better suit your goals.

    Trust and Estate Services for Your Unique Needs

    We can provide peace of mind and make better use of your time by skillfully fulfilling a range of trust and fiduciary responsibilities. To do so, we can serve in a variety of capacities, including:

    • Custodian
    • Investment Advisor
    • Executor
    • Trustee, co-trustee or successor trustee
    • Guardian
    • Trust Consultant

     Some of the benefits you can expect from working with us in these roles include:

    • The right level of service: We can tailor our services to meet your needs with as little or as much involvement as you desire.
    • Confidence: We have robust checks and balances to ensure oversight of assets, distributions and other fiduciary responsibilities.
    • Ease: With more than 50 local offices, we can work with you wherever you are and with an appreciation of your community.
    • Opportunities to improve your plan: We have broad and deep expertise that covers both financial and non-financial assets. We also have the invaluable experience of stewarding multiple generations of wealth, spanning more than 125 years. Chances are we have helped clients with needs like yours.

    Managing trust and estate complexity

    Working with you and your advisors, we can find the right service and level of our engagement to help you improve your wealth transfer plan.

    Corporate Trustee Services
    Managing your trust assets with knowledgeable and independent oversight.

    Estate Settlement Services
    Advising with skillful guidance and expert solutions for estate settlement and wealth transfer.

    Guardianship Services
    Protecting your loved one’s financial future through personalized  investment, tax and real estate solutions.

    Oil, Gas and Mineral Rights Management Services
    Helping you optimize and manage the complexities of your investment in oil, gas and mineral rights assets.

    Real Estate and Agricultural Services
    Providing strategic advice to help you maximize the financial benefits of your commercial and agricultural holdings.

    Specialized Trust Services
    Sharing tax-efficient and flexible trust solutions available in Nevada and Delaware. 




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