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Estate Settlement Services

Skillful guidance and expert solutions for estate settlement and wealth transfer

Carrying out estate plans that meet legal and tax requirements can be challenging. From managing assets and cash flow to preparing estate and income tax returns, Northern Trust approaches estate and trust administration following a death with diligence and sensitivity.

Resolving Family Difficulties and Legal Complexities

Whether we act as your executor, personal representative, trustee or agent, Northern Trust works with you and your advisors to address the legal, tax and administrative considerations of settling an estate and transferring wealth.

The estate settlement process involves several stages. For an outline of each stage, click the button below.


Taking Care of the Details

With a mix of complex assets, multiple business interests, family trusts and real estate, settling an estate is anything but simple. Northern Trust balances compassion and objectivity throughout estate settlement to help you across a broad range of capabilities.

  • Asset safeguarding, collection, valuation, distribution and management
  • Communicating with family, charitable and non-charitable beneficiaries
  • Working with your advisors to develop tax and legal strategies to realize tax savings, with tax preparation and review
David Garten

David Garten

Practice Lead, Estate Settlement Services
David has over 20 years of financial services experience, serving private clients in the areas of trust administration, wealth transfer planning, estate settlement and investment management.

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