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Planned Giving

Katrina M. Pipasts

Katrina M. Pipasts

National Director of Planned Giving Services
Katrina M. Pipasts is the National Director of Planned Giving Services with Northern Trust's Foundation & Institutional Advisors practice.
The Well-Designed Charitable Gift
Find some key considerations to evaluate before accepting a charitable contribution for your nonprofit organization.
Essential Elements of a Successful Planned Giving Program
Incorporate these key elements into a cohesive and cooperative process, regardless of your organization’s size.
Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts: Advantages, Challenges and Best Practices

Start a planned giving program – or streamline your current one

Successfully administering and managing gifts from annuities and charitable trusts – and any other ongoing contributions requiring significant planning and resources – is essential for maintaining donor satisfaction. Turn to Northern Trust’s Foundation & Institutional Advisors (FIA) for a full range of planned giving resources, including gift administration, trustee and charitable tax expertise.


Revitalize your planned giving program so it benefits both you and your loyal donors fully. Whatever goals you have for your program, FIA can provide planned giving resources and giving services designed to meet your specific needs – all backed by Northern Trust’s longstanding expertise managing sophisticated charitable giving assets.

  • Comprehensive gift administration. Streamline your program – and mitigate risk to you and your donors – by letting us process gift and annuity payments and prepare required reports for you.
  • Disciplined investment program management. Manage planned giving assets prudently and effectively. Northern Trust can develop strategies to manage and trade portfolios to accommodate gifts, annuity payments, maturities and quarterly rebalancing.
  • Charitable tax services. Our in-house global client tax services team will review trust documents, perform 5% and 10% tests when applicable and execute annual trust valuations.
  • Trustee services. Rely on us to conscientiously administer your plans when serving as trustee or co-trustee for charitable remainder annuity trusts, charitable remainder unitrusts and charitable lead trusts.
  • Education programs for both board and staff about wealth transfer, philanthropic trends and enhancing communication with key donors.


For more information, contact Katrina Pipasts, Director of Planned Giving Services, at 312 557 1460 or email

Katrina Pipasts, CSPG - New recommended rates for Charitable Gift Annuities went into effect July 1, 2020.

Make sure you have a dynamic policy in place that manages donors’ expectations and prevents misunderstandings as strongly as it reinforces your mission.

For some donors, these alternatives to outright cash gifts can flexibly fulfill their charitable intents as well as personal financial goals. Knowing how can help you advise and guide them.

Learn how powerful story telling is used to connect with donors.

Video: Planned Giving - (3:19)


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